Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Sur, Big Love

There are plenty of romantic vacation spots, whether you're a beachcomber or a sightseer...the destinations are endless. But, I have to confess, my idea of true romance is a bit of isolation. I want to be away from cellphones, reality television, e-mails, everything that consumes my everyday life. I want to sit out on the porch outside this vintage trailer from the 70's, drink a bottle of wine with my mister, and just be alone. Doesn't this portable vacation site in the mountains at Big Sur seem like the perfect place for it?

Photos from Vacation Rentals


  1. You know what I like about these images? They remind me of the original Parent Trap movie, which is an all time favorite of mine. :)

  2. Oh gosh this looks like an ideal getaway!! I basically want to live inside these photos.

    xx Melina

  3. Ah!!! I was just about to do a post on trailers!!! I'm obsessed with airstreams right now. Sigh!!

  4. Leslie, that is totally one of my favorite movies too! I completely agree, the colors, and the mountains...sigh.

    Melina, I'm right there with ya, girl. I need a vacation, and Big Sur is kind of calling my name!

    Elissa, Airstreams, especially ones from the mid-60's are seriously one of my favorite things ever. They are so reminiscent of a simpler time where people would rather enjoy the open road than a five star hotel...I'd love to vacation in one.