Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love in Spades

Have you seen the sneak peek of Kate Spade for Spring? I'm completely in love with these bright, saturated colors. It's inspiring me to phase all the black and gray out of my winter wardrobe and break out the color! And the gold necklace with the glasses is a big-time want.

Photos via From Me To You


  1. Utterly gorgeous! I love bright colors for Spring!
    For us, we're heading into Autumn... What have the trends been for autumn and winter?

  2. hey Jenna, i've just come over after seeing your super cute blog button teaser on Mandi's blog.

    been having a blast looking around and love your space, the graphics are do well with that innate talent for sure!

    adore these spring brights, KS is a queen and then some. if i could ever pull off those orange polka dot tights i'd be a happy camper. cheers to a wondrous weekend. ♥

  3. Bailey- Thanks for the comment! Because you asked, and I love a good excuse to put a compilation together, coming Monday will be an Autumn/Winter trend summary post! Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Lynn- Thanks so much for stopping by! I am always excited to find new blogs to check out, and can't wait to peruse yours this weekend. And THANKS for the graphics compliments! You are too sweet. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. i LOVE that first yellow cardigan and the eye glasses necklace. so cute, love kate spade.